Sample Templates

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To assist and help save time for our valued businesses, a variety of templates are provided for use and customization. Templates range from letters to landlords to environmental policy statements.

Below are documents that are usually required to become a Green Business:

  • Green Business Recruitment Form - This form is a simple document that establishes your commitment to the Green Business recognition process, whereby you agree to adhere to our policies for recognition. Please review, fill out completely, sign, and return it to our Green Business staff.
  • Environmental Policy Statement - This template can help you fulfill the requirement to adopt a written environmental policy statement stating your business's commitment to operate as a green business, which must include a detailed green purchasing policy. Please customize it for your business and then return it to our Green Business staff.
  • Hazardous Materials Waiver - Please review this form carefully to see if it applies to your business, and be sure to fill out completely before returning it to our Green Business staff.

Below are links to a number of sample letters to landlords that can help provide a jump-start to greening your business: