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ADA Compliance

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This is the ADA Compliance and Accessibility Statement for the SFGB website. Please contact us here if you are unable to access any content on this site.

Access Keys

Some browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website, without having to use a mouse.  We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox browsers version 3+ to best access this feature.

On Windows, you can press Shift + ALT + the access key.

Shift+Alt+x = Explore the directory
Shift+Alt+l = Learn about us
Shift+Alt+g = Green your business

On some Macintosh systems, you can press Control + an access key.

Design and Layout

This site uses cascading style sheets to control (CSS) all aspects of layout and presentation.  Most, if not all, fonts on this site are sized using relative font sizes and will adjust automatically to your browser's default text size.  Content contained within this site will degrade to a usable text-only design when CSS is not available.


Javascript is employed to enhance usability and graphic appeal.  Javascript used on this site is implemented in a non-invasive manner and is not required to use the site or access content within.

Standards Compliance

The SF Green Business Program web development team is working hard to ensure compliancy. If you find a page that is not compliant or is unreadable in your browser, please contact us immediately.