Why Go Green



Do you care about conserving resources, building community, saving money, and the health/saftey of your workers? Of course you do and that's why you should sign up for the SF Green Business Program.  We work with mostly small to medium size businesses who are looking to match their practices with their values.  The SF Green Business Program is free and is a one stop shop for all the resources the City and County of San Francisco has to offer businesses.  

There has never been a better time to go green! San Francisco Green Businesses:

Save money.
Green Businesses implement practices that lead to cost savings in energy, water, and garbage bills and going through the Green Business Program is Free!

Improve employee wellness and productivity.
By using less toxic products, staff members benefit. And who in San Francisco doesn't want to work for a cutting edge environmentally-conscious firm?

Enjoy a marketing edge over the competition.
Customers increasingly want to patronize businesses that are doing their part for the environment. According to a recent survey of San Francisco Green Businesses, 42% reported an increase in business since receiving their recognition.

Receive recognition as environmental leaders by the City of San Francisco.
San Francisco Green Businesses are promoted on our websites, in our e-newsletters, in the press, in online and print advertising, at promotional events and mixers, and by displaying the window decal and program seal on marketing materials.

Conduct business according to their values.
For many San Francisco Green Businesses, greening their operations fits perfectly into their business model.

Join the growing Green Business Community.
The "green scene" is bigger than ever, so don't miss your chance to secure valuable business partnerships and gain recognition from the eco conscious community.

Conserve valuable resources and protect the environment!
Fight climate change by saving your company's valuable resources as well as the environment.


SF Green Businesses reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they generate, thereby helping to tackle the pressing problem of global climate change. Here's how:

  • Green Businesses conserve energy by using LED lighting and Energy Star rated equipment.
  • Green Businesses conserve water through the use of low-flow toilets and water flow restrictors. Energy is needed to deliver water, so every unit of water conserved saves several pounds of CO2.
  • Green Businesses conserve natural resources by promoting public transit, biking and walking.
  • Green Businesses reduce waste by recycling, composting and using materials with recycled content. The manufacture, distribution, and use of products - as well as dealing with the resulting waste - all require the use of energy, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Green Businesses also take steps to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their employees and customers by using low-toxic products.

A selection of case studies show the savings and benefits that can come from implementing green business practices through the SF Green Business Program and the SF Department of the Environment. More case studies coming soon!

Galleria Park Hotel Case Study - Learn how a San Francisco Green Business hotel saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions through energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and pollution prevention efforts.

Energy Conservation Case Studies

Waste Reduction Case Studies


    Look what other green businesses are saying! If you are a recognized San Francisco Green Businesses and have something to share, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


    "The Green Business Program adds tremendous value. It demands rigor from us, and provides a resource for suppliers as well as a support system to customers looking for green vendors."

    -Jacqueline Burns, Work of Art Catering


    "We believe in protecting the environment and are proud to advertize that we put those principles into practice. It has expanded our awareness into other areas we can address with respect to reducing resources. (like using recycled paper, cartridges etc)."

    -Stephanie Boyer, Cirios Real Estate


    "The Green Business Program further reaffirms our commitment and responsibility to minimize the impact to the environment."

    -Alfredo Cahuas, NaturEner USA, LLC


    "Due to the Green Business recognition we have become preferred vendors and partners which has lead to new contracts, and also our reps have provided referrals because of our green certification."

    -Vanessa Herrera, J&V Catering


    "Some of the things we’d done for the Green Business Program contributed toward the points we could receive for the LEED Gold certification."

    -Ken Rankow, Gelfand Partners Architects